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The Monkey Gate Revised – Ishant Mocks Smith

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He may not have picked up wickets to show for his impressive bowling in the opening session of the second day, but India pacer Ishant Sharma entertained everyone with his acting skills at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru on Sunday. During his spell in the first session, the lanky pacer got involved in some banter with Australia captain Steve Smith. Ishant mocked the Australian captain by making funny faces. In reply, Smith also retaliated by making faces at the bowler. Both the teams and the Bengaluru crowd enjoyed the moment. The first Test also saw India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja mocking Smith. But that time round, Smith had the last laugh as he went on to score a century and win Australia the game.

Ishant Sharma Mocks Smith

Ishant Sharma Mocks Smith

Steve Smith’s mannerisms have been a constant source of amusement for commentators and fans. Now the Indian bowlers too have joined the party. Jadeja did his impersonation in the Pune Test match. In Bengaluru, it was Ishant Sharma. It all happened in the 26th over of the match when Ishant, in the middle of an impressive spell, mocked the Australian captain Steve Smith by making faces at him. Steve Smith, who is never to back down, wasn’t going to let it go and sneered back at him. This banter continued for a while and was perhaps a ploy used by the India pacer to unsettle the batsmen. However, this banter proved to be a hilarious source of entertainment for captain Virat Kohli who was left in peals of laughter. Meanwhile, after strong resistance by Australia in the first session, India have managed to pick five wickets and would now look to run through the lower order in the final session. Ravindra Jadeja, introduced late into the attack, returned with three wickets from the afternoon session and Ishant Sharma scalped Mitchell Marsh at the stroke of Tea.


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