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Educational Tablets for Kindergarten and above.

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Indian Education System is undergoing through a fast change. Technology is defining the pedagogy. When it comes to pre-primary and primary education, kids are not untouched by technology. Your kid loves your mobile more than you. Its a fact and if he is interacting with it, he must be learning something.

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Learning Tablets for kids

Now its responsibility of parents to make kids learn something that supplement their understanding and enhances interest in learning new things. There are some tablets that come with inbuilt learning apps with well researched curricular practices and they can facilitate self learning in 3-8 year old kids.Some devices come with customized curriculum for Indian kids while other are built on international norms. These devices are quite engaging and built on self-instructional pedagogy which promote self-paced learning in kids.

Parents can simply chose the features on different e-commerce online platforms. A good device should have better battery life, atleast 1 GB RAM and inbuilt well researched learning software. Its time to supplement your kids learning when you can’t give attention to your kid personally from your busy work life and you can’t manage to keep them away from TV and cartoon channels. The ultimate alternative becomes tablets build for learning needs. Lenovo CG Slate is a learning tablet which is recommended by CBSE and NCERT.

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  1. Rati Singhla says:

    Really this product is nice and I am going to buy one for my younger bro. Thanks for information


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